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Are you still managing your Blood on XP machines?

By 2nd May 2018News

NHS to solve cyber-security issues with Windows 10 migration. How will this affect Blood Managment systems?

The Department of Health has agreed a deal with Microsoft to roll Windows 10 out across the NHS in a bid to bolster hospitals’ cybersecurity defences, which have been savaged by experts in recent months.

The long-awaited upgrade from Windows XP, which Microsoft stopped supporting four years ago, comes almost a year after the WannaCry ransomware attack spread havoc across IT systems in the NHS. The National Audit Office (NAO) found that at least 34% of NHS trusts in the UK were disrupted by the attack, leading to the cancellation of 6,900 appointments.

As part of the deal, all NHS devices will be upgraded to Windows 10, with Microsoft pushing the latest security updates to NHS machines as soon as they become available.

This upgrade will ensure the NHS can use the latest and most resilient software available, something the public rightly expect.

Are you using XP machines to manage your blood?

If so you are in need of an urgent upgrade to help protect your hospital and its patient’s dater from cyber attacks.

MSoft Blood360 is one of the only solutions that supports Windows 10 for electronic blood tracking.

Windows 10 is fully supported on the E1 and the T1 Blood360 kiosks. Controlling access to blood fridges has never been so easy the E1 & T1 kiosks. The E1 Kiosk is the next evolutionary step in the enterprise range of kiosk whereas the T1 is built from the ground up from over 10 years of user experience & customer feedback.

The upgrade in hardware also comes with an upgrade in software from the Bloodhound to the new Blood360 system, that is faster and more intuitive for the user.

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Source of information and content provided from IT Pro on 30 Apr, 2018 link to original article Link

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