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Private Hospital group Nuffield Health are now live across 31 of their Hospitals with Blood360 solutions: Blood360 Bedside, Sample360 and PPID360 running on Apple iPods. Nuffield ward based teams can now manage Transfusions, Sample taking, observations, requesting and Positive Patient Identification all on one device.

The solutions were needed because Nuffield Health had a requirement to replace its existing Electronic Blood Tracking System (BARS blood audit and release system) that had been in use for over 10 years. The driver to replace the BARS system was the impending expiry date of critical hardware elements of the system not being supported beyond 2015.  In addition, the BARS handheld scanners in use were obsolete and no longer manufactured.

Competitive tender process

MSoft won the Nuffield Health contract through a competitive tender process with Blood360 (previously known as Bloodhound). The project started with an “Accelerated Implementation Plan” which started in July 2016. After careful planning by the MSoft and Nuffield project teams, the first installs began at the end of October 2016.

The initial installations were performed at the chosen pilot and test sites of Leeds and York. Once Nuffield’s team were happy the rest of the 29 Hospital installations began at a rate of 2 Hospitals per week. The 31 Hospitals were installed in less than 12 weeks. After the hardware install the systems were switched on within 9 weeks.


It began with Bloodhound now known as Blood360, it is an Electronic Blood Tracking system that uses kiosks to control access to Blood fridges. The user logs in using fingerprint access then scan the patient’s blood collection slip, the kiosk then unlocks the fridge and then scans the blood bag to confirm it’s the correct one for the patient.

The Bedside app Blood360 Bedside was later developed to extend the management of Blood products to the Bedside. Running on a handheld device it maintains the integrity of the Blood products and the safety of the patient. Using the solution the user scans the patient’s wristband to confirm their identity and then the unit of Blood. Blood360 will then cross-check that the identifiers match. This gives the user confidence and stops serious harm or death to a patient in your care.

Blood360 is not the only solution that has gone into Nuffield hospitals; a range of innovative solutions that are now live. This includes Sample360 that ensures correct barcoded labelling of Blood Samples at the bedside and PPID360 an intelligent wristbands printing solution to positively identify the patient at the bedside. When these solutions are combined it delivers a vein to vein solution that ensures the right blood goes into the right patient.

Matt McAlister, Managing Director of MSoft eSolutions, said:

“I am very proud of the MSoft implementation team as they have managed to install 29 hospitals in 12 weeks and get them live in less than 9 weeks. I am not aware of any of our competitors in this sector that could have achieved this incredible task in 5 months. MSoft’s Blood360, Sample360 and PPID360 will help Nuffield Health deliver a world-class best practice in Patient Blood Management”.

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