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Your Never Events, Never Ever with Blood360

By 11th January 2017Uncategorised

    • MSoft’s Blood360, Sample360 and PPID360 working together so your Never Event will Never Ever happen in your Hospital.  The solutions stop the never event “Transfusion of ABO-incompatible blood components” from happening. They also stop the Never Event Misidentification of patients, however, this has been removed from the latest list of Never Events but is still a recommended desirable.

Transfusion or transplantation of ABO-incompatible blood components or organs

Unintentional transfusion of ABO-incompatible blood components.

      • Excludes where ABO-incompatible blood components are deliberately transfused with appropriate management.

Unintentional ABO mismatched solid organ transplantation.

      • Excluded are scenarios in which clinically appropriate ABO incompatible solid organs are transplanted deliberately
      • In this context, ‘incompatible’ antibodies must be clinically significant. If the recipient has donor specific anti-ABO antibodies and is therefore, likely to have an immune reaction to a specific ABO compatible organ then it would be a never event to transplant that organ inadvertently and without appropriate management.”

Taken from: Never Events List 2015/16 Link


Safer Practice Notice – Right Patient, Right Blood, 2006, available at Link 

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